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Version: 8.0 - Date: Feb 22, 2008 - Language: English - File Type: Trial Install

Video Convert Master™ allows you to convert videos with high-quality in high-speed; DVD burning are all supported. With it, you can convert downloaded videos and burn into DVD, means internet become the storehouse of your home theater! You also can burn video files into a DVD and mail to your friend and family. They will love to watch it on TV...

VideoConvertMaster.exevideo-convert-master.com (USA)58.8MB

VideoConvertMaster.zipvideo-convert-master.com (USA)58.8MB

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Download and Install a Trial Version
Downloading the install file
Choose the program, the source and the file format you want to download (see above).
Note the name of the file and its size in MB.
A dialog bow opens and asks you if you want to run or save the file. Click on Save button.
In a second window, choose a directory to save the file. Then click OK.
The download begins. Please be patient and wait until the end of the process. If the download is interrupted, the downloaded file is corrupted. See below how to proceed ("If the downloaded file is corrupted")
When done, check that the file size is correct (see files sizes in MB).

Installing the program
Using your browser select the previously chosen directory.
If the file is a zip package, uncompress it to a temporary folder and launch the install file.
If the file is an auto-installable executable, launch the install file.
Follow the instructions.

If the downloaded file is corrupted...
If the internet connection has been terminated before the end of the download (size does not match) or if the download procedure returned damaged data (it may happen during a connection) then the install procedure will fail returning an error message.
Delete the downloaded file from your hard drive. Then try to download the file from the same source.
If it fails again, try another source.
If you still have problems, try to download the ZIP version. If you can unpack the ZIP file without problem, it means that the install file is correct.