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Video Convert Master's How to:

How to burn videos to a disc with Video Convert Master?

Video Convert Master realize your requirement to burn in DVD. With it, you can burn your DV videos into disc. And from now on, you can watch what you shot with your DV, at home theater.
1: Select the button To DVD in the Main Tool Bar;
2: Select input file and output file directory. Using the button +/-, you can add/delete video files for burning. Also, you can arrange their sequence with the Up Arrow and Down Arrow;
3: Edit Profiles in advanced properties of output video;
4: Click on the drop list and choose the disc type you want to burn;
5: Press Convert now! to start merging;

NOTE: The files/folders, burned into your disc, will exist in the Output File Name you chose. And it will not be deleted until you do it. You can back up these data for prospective using.

How to convert video files from one format to another with Video Convert Master?

Video Convert Master enables you to convert your videos to various formats quite easily in only a few steps.

1. Select a file that you would like to convert by clicking on Opens button near the Input File Name field. You can select a group of videos and convert to another group in different format. The button + and help you in adding or deleting videos.

2. Select a format in the upper menu; it will be the format after converting.

EX.: If you would like to convert your file to AVI format, select To AVI.

3. Select your output file location by clicking Browse button next to the Output File Name field. Attention, you CANNOT change output file name and path in the main window directly, but only through MS Windows Explorer windows that are opened when you click Browse.

4. Press Convert Now! Button and sit down to have a drink. You will have the converted video in the folder you chose over Step 2. Enjoy it!

How to split video file to different parts with Video Convert Master?

Video Convert Master enables you to split your video to various parts.

1. Select the output file format.

2. Select input file, and output file directory.

3.Click play button to preview the video.

4. Click button "Split" to get the pop-up window.

5. Tick the boxes to split the source file manually or automatically.
5.1. Manually: Click to customize the following settings:
Start Time: Indicates the time when the splitting starts.
End Time: Indicates the time when the splitting ends.
Duration Time: This will be automatically changed after customizing the Start Time and the End Time and the output videos will split to the size you entered.
5.2. Automatically: Click the following buttons to set the related parameters at will.

6. Press "Split" to start splitting!

Video Convert Master can split them to the format you want, AVI, MPEG or the others. But it can not split one video to several in different formats. EX.: You can split 'The Lord of Rings' in AVI to 3 parts in MPEG. But you can not split it to1 in MPEG and the other 2 in RM. If you really want it happens, you can convert the first one after its splitting.

How to select input file or files?

You can select a file which you would like to convert clicking on Browse button next to the Input File Name field. In an opened Windows Explorer window select a needed file.

You can also select multiple files. To add and delete files from the list, use plus and minus (+ and - ) buttons. Please note, that if you use Browse, your input file will simply be replaced, and no files will be added. But afterwards you will need to specify if you would like to convert them simultaneously to separate files (using Batch Mode processing) or convert them all into one single file (which is set upon default)

How to change output file name and location?

You cannot change output file name and location through the main window interface directly. This was done to eliminate the number of error, which may occur if you enter a wrong path. When you click Browse button, a Windows Explorer window opens. Using this window, you can select a location for the output file and change the default name in the File field.

How can I uninstall divx 5.0 without removing your program?

You can uninstall any video codec without removing Video Convert Master.

Step 1 Go to your Control panel -> Sounds and Multimedia

Step 2 Click on Hardware tab, then select Video Codec from Devices list.

Step 3 Click Properties button, after that click on Properties tab.

Step 4 Select the video codec you want to uninstall and click Remove.

How can I create a video with no audio?

Select input file, set output file parameters, then go to Edit profile button and select No audio in Audio Bitrate box. Close Profile Editor and convert the file.